Let’s talk skin tags!

Let’s talk skin tags!

Lets talk skin tags!

To most people they may seem like tiny, insignificant blemishes that appear on their bodies but don’t cause them any bother or affect their daily lives.  

However for some they can make them feel self conscious, and it can affect their confidence and self esteem. 

They can come in different shapes, sizes and shades, and here at Skin Care Clinics our experienced, professional practitioners can provide a service the help remove them. We use Electrolysis which is where a probe or small needle is used to cauterise the tag using a small amount of Thermolysis (heat).

Depending on the size and location of the skin tag there are different methods used to safely and effectively remove the blemish.

Insertion – this is typically used on smaller skin tags that lay flatter to the skin and do not have a ‘neck’. This method involes making multiple tiny insertions on the skin tag in a grid like pattern, the heat causes that tag to become dehydrated and can feel like a scab also known as a micro crust. This could fall off straight away however it can take 2-4 weeks  to heal. Once healed there shouldn’t be any marks left on the area. 

Jacket – this is typically used on very small skin tags that are not flat or those that are near a delicate area such as the eye. This involves holding the needle at the base of the tag for a few seconds the lifting it up and away from the normal skin. Once again is could fall off straight away however it can take 2-4 weeks  to heal. Once healed there shouldn’t be any marks left on the area. 

Cutting – this is typically used on the bigger skin tags, these can also be known a polyps, they often are more round in shape and are attached to the normal skin by a ‘neck’. This involves lifting the tag using tweezers, exposing the neck. the probe would then be used in a plucking or picking motion to separate the tag from the normal skin. depending on the size of the tag, and the thickness of its attachment to the normal skin, this may need to be done over a few sessions to avoid discomfort or damaging the skin. We recommend allowing 2-4 weeks in between sessions to allow for the healing process to be completed. With large tags, there may be a small ‘footprint’ on the skin once it has healed. 

a combination of the Jacket or Cutting methods can also be used with insertion too. this would usually be used on large skin tags where the main body has been removed using Jacket or Cutting but a small section remains that needs to be ‘dehydrated’ using the insertion method, this will then fall off naturally. 

Your practitioner will assess the tag and skin prior to commencing treatment to decide the relevant method for your skin tag.

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