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-The induction of controlled tissue death by the application of chemical solutions.

As the damage is repaired by the body’s natural healing process, new skin tissue is regenerated, and the skin’s appearance is transformed.

-Your clinician will perform a patch test prior to the treatment and will explain what products you need to use for your skin preparation. Skin preparation is essential for balancing the PH of the treatment area. Promoting optimal results whilst significantly reducing healing time and limiting the risk of getting post treatment erythema.

 -Clients can have a course of three treatments, which means one treatment every four weeks, for three months. A minimum of 3 months break is required in between courses.

 -Your clinician will go through a few easy steps you will need to follow in order to keep your skin safe post treatment:

  • Use SPF daily
  • Avoid sun exposure
  • Avoid heat
  • Keep the skin clean and avoid picking, rubbing or scratching