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Why choose Sterex Electrolysis?

The technical bit:

Yes, you will be expected to grow the hair in the treatment area for 3-7 days prior to the appointment. This is key to allow the clinician to clearly see each follicle in the treatment area, enhancing a successful treatment.  

Typically, you would have treatments once a week and the appointments can be between 15-60 minutes. Our experienced front of house team can help you establish which appointment would be most suitable for the treatment area.

Your clinician will adjust the settings until the correct ‘working point’ is reached. This is when the hair slides out of the follicle without any resistance, indicating that the base of the follicle has been destroyed preventing the hair from growing back.

This varies for each client and is based on a range of factors such as how much hair is in the area, the strength/thickness of the hairs and how the client finds the treatment in regard to the sensation. At your first treatment your clinician will provide more guidance on this.

Our highly skilled and experienced clinicians have developed their techniques to allow for a comfortable treatment. Commonly a mild discomfort is experienced as the probe is inserted, likened to a slight pricking/pinching sensation. However, this part of the process doesn’t last long therefore keeping to a minimum any discomfort felt.