Skin Care Clinics Anti- Ageing Top Tips

Ageing is a natural process that according to studies can start happening from as early as the age of 25. There are many different factors that can affect someone’s ageing process but we are here to give you some advice about how to protect you skin from pre-mature ageing.

Our Skin: Summer vs Winter

Our skincare routine needs to change seasonally just as we change our wardrobe depending on the weather.
It’s important to switch up our products, in different seasons, to preserve and protect a glowing complexion.


DermaQuest’s high quality products have an answer to every level of concern and expectation.

They offer a wide range of products and treatments that treat all skin conditions and help you look after your skin from within. At Skin Care Clinics we offer their full range and in this article we explore some of the treatments we provide.


What is Hyperpigmentation?

Most commonly known as age or sunspots, the term hyperpigmentation pertains to dark patches of natural pigment in the skin (melanin), which accumulate in the very outer layer of the skin (epidermis).