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Our Laser – The Polaris 1064 Nd:YAG

The laser we use in treatment emits high levels of light energy. This light energy travels down the hair and is absorbed by the pigment, known as melanin. As the light is absorbed, it turns to heat, damaging the root of the hair and the hair follicle. This affects the blood supply to the root and the cells responsible for new hair growth. With every treatment, the hair growth cycle slows down and hairs in a certain stage of growth are damaged, preventing them from growing back.

The laser will only damage the hairs that are in the right stage of the growth cycle (the anagen phase). Between 10-20% of hairs are in this stage at any one time. This means we can only target a certain number of hairs on each cycle. Treatments take place every six weeks to coincide with the growth cycle.

There are a few rules you must follow when preparing for your laser hair removal treatment.

• Do not expose skin to the sun or use fake tan for a minimum of 4 weeks before and after the treatment.
• Do not wax, thread, epilate or bleach the hair.
• Let us know if your medical status changes, or if you are pregnant.
• Inform us of any medication you take – some medications can make you more sensitive to the laser light.
• Do not apply make-up, perfume or deodorant on the areas being treated before your appointment.
• Apply SPF50 sun protection to exposed areas

• Always shave 24 hours before treatment – this allows a little regrowth for the laser light to
target and travel down.

For the best results, follow these rules after your treatment:

• Cool the skin with aloe vera products for up to 48 hours after treatment.
• Avoid using cosmetic products for three days after treatment – especially those containing vitamin A
and glycolic acid.
• Don’t use the sauna, steam room, or swimming pool and avoid any strenuous exercise for at least 3
days after treatment.

First off we will invite you for a consultation and patch test to ensure that the treatment is right for you and safe for your skin. This appointment also gives you the chance to ask as many questions as you like.

• After your consultation, and provided the patch test is OK, you’ll be ready for your first session. During the treatment, your practitioner will ask you to remove any clothing covering the treatment areas, and provide you with disposable underwear if needed.
• A cooling gel will be applied to the area being treated and then the laser. The clinician will run the laser over the area, ensuring that as many hairs as possible are treated.
• With every treatment, the strength of the laser will be reassessed and sometimes increased. This allows us to treat the hair more effectively.
• There is no recovery time needed, once the treatment is completed, you’ll be able to walk straight out of the treatment room.
• For the most effective treatment, we try to see patients every 4 weeks for the face, every 6 weeks for the bikini or underarm or every 8-10 weeks for the legs and torso.

Single TreatmentPack of 4 (15% Saving)Pack of 8 (20% Saving)
Small Area£45£153£288
Medium Area£55£187£352
Large Area£75£255£480
Hollywood£89 £303 £570
Lower Legs/ Full Arms/ Full Female Back £120£408£768
Full Male Back/ Full Male Arms/ Full Legs £150£510£960
Full Body (Excl Face) £295 £1003£1888
Full Body (Excl Face) Payment Plan Option2 Instalments of £545.753 Instalments of £708
Full Body (Inc Face)£355 £1207 £2272
Full Body (Inc Face) Payment Plan Option 2 Instalments of £656.753 Instalments of £852