Aglaia Sounti

Aesthetic Therapist
Aglaia works in our clinic as an Aesthetic Therapist and she is a specialist in Laser Hair Removal and Facial Skin Treatments. At the age of 18 years she moved from Greece to the UK in order to study and then follow the career she was dreaming of since the age of 13.
She started working as a clinician immediately after she got her qualification in Level 4 Aesthetic Therapy, but during her college years Aglaia worked in beauty salons in Bradford, Keighley and Skipton providing services such as eyelash and eyebrow treatments, advanced facials and massages. Aglaia has been in the beauty industry since 2016, she knows how to make a client feel relaxed and comfortable during treatments.
Over the years she has also attended various beauty and skin related seminars that helped her keep her knowledge up to date and further develop her skills.
She strongly believes that everyone should be feel happy in their own skin. It gives her strong satisfaction knowing that she gets to help her clients maintain, or regain their confidence regarding their appearance.