Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Laser is an effective way of removing unwanted hair. Removing the hairs from an area can also improve the skin texture & appearance too. The Chromophore of Laser Hair Removal is colour, pigment, therefore the darker & thicker the hairs are, the better results you will see.

We use Nd Yag 1064nm wavelength which is suitable for all skin types from the palest of skins to the darkest of skins, if the hairs are dark in colour, we will see successful results. It is the safest wavelength for darker skins.

Each individual hair goes through a hair growth cycle, there are 3 phases to the cycle, the main phase is the active phase (Anagen) this means the hair is attached to the blood supply & is actively growing. Only active hairs can be successfully treated on the day of the treatment, which is why, for optimum results, we recommend 8 sessions for every individual & for all areas. The results you see after a course of 8 treatments can then be maintained with top up sessions once or twice a year.

Come & meet the team at Skin Care Clinics & book in for a consultation, assessment & patch test. We can start your journey to being summer ready all year round.

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